Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Not cool

US News & World Report released their new grad school rankings, and my problem with them is the same as it's been: they aren't inclusive enough. Although they've expanded and updated many listings, including departments for criminology, speech-language pathology, digital librarianship, and other specialized fields, they are again lacking listings for any type of communication-related studies. They're also completely forgetting film and journalism schools. Don't these students deserve to have an idea what the programs out there are like? They do a decent job of exploring different academic niches within subjects like history and psychology, but I'm always so disappointed that advanced degrees for a field that is growing and so varied gets nary a mention. What gives? It's too much? Too lazy? Not enough interest? Did the Internet kill any need for journalism and film school students? Or is it just that there's an overwhelming need for geologists and sculpture MFAs?

(They don't list any meteorology programs either...)

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