Tuesday, August 5, 2008

You look ugly

Why do girls feel the need to put lots of tiny blonde streaks in otherwise boring brown hair? It doesn't look cool, chic, or make you prettier. It turns your hair a shade of ash-blonde gray.

For those girls who have mousy brown hair, forgo the streaks, the "highlights". You paid a lot of money to look gross. Make it look nice (you'll stand out because your hair is normal) or figure out another way to wear it.


John said...

Well, I've got nothin' on this one.

Can I pose a hair-related question for guys, though? I'd like to know when the faux-hawk became first an acceptable hairstyle, then a desirable one. When I was in high school, having a faux-hawk meant that you wanted people to think you were cool and badass, but not badass to the point where you couldn't work at daddy's law firm during the day. Guys with real mohawks would assault them on principle! What celebrity made this an "in" hairstyle, and how can I get my opportunity to set his faux-hawk on fire?

Emily said...

:) I agree.