Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Such a great idea

I'm usually not a fan of Sarah Silverman, except when it comes to her online videos:
She even won an Emmy for her last one, "I'm Fucking Matt Damon".

That's a real organization she's shilling for. I love the line "and they both have a lot of friends who are dying".

I really think when Obama wins one of the reasons will be not only how he harnessed technology but how his supporters did, too. Without all these viral videos--starting from "I Got a Crush On Obama"--he just wouldn't have had the same impact. I think the numbers will bear this out.


petpluto said...

I loved her threat: "If they vote for Barack Obama, they get another visit this year. If not *sad face* let's just hope they stay healthy for next year".

I generally don't like Sarah Silverman either, but she was surprisingly funny here (and this is from someone who didn't really like the "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" video).

John said...

Personally, I thought Jimmy Kimmel's response video, "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck" was even better.

I'll bet you can guess what line I didn't love. I am not a toilet, nor do I visit hookers, dammit!

My worry about Obama and technology is that he'll suffer from Snakes on a Plane syndrome. That movie got more internet buzz than pretty much anything that had come before it, yet it tanked at the box office. Why? Because the internet makes small audiences seem big. Viral videos may have huge numbers of views, but the odds of running into a random person on the street who has seen them is far slimmer than the numbers would make it seem, especially if you rule out people under 18.

John said...

Also, I stand by my estimation of Sarah Silverman: She is an excellent comedic actress, but any material she writes herself is extremely hit-or-miss.

MediaMaven said...

John, that's a really good point--and something I really need to remember, because it's so true. I've had many experiences where I automatically assume "everyone" has heard of a particular pop culture related thing--be it a song, movie, or TV show--and have been shot down. Media hype is followed by those who consume a lot of media (read: us), and therefore we have a "distorted" view of reality.