Monday, April 20, 2009

Social Media Evolution



John said...

I'm not sure if I agree with LinkedIn's place on the timeline. It was gaining popularity before Facebook opened to the public, and it's still not as "hot" as either Facebook or Twitter (especially with the tweens.)

John said...

and for that matter, Livejournal was big before Opendiary (which arguably never was a sensation.) Livejournal --> Xanga on the other hand makes a bit more sense.

And you forgot AOL at the start!

MediaMaven said...

I originally had Xanga in there, but felt it was too similar to LiveJournal, so I cut it out.

I should have posted this months ago, as it is from a direct conversation over my kitchen table with a friend. My original conception was me drawing it out and then uploading the scan.

AOL pages? I thought of including Blogger too, but seemed to be on a different plane.

petpluto said...

I for one want to see the original sketch of the evolution as first developed over your kitchen table.

Anonymous said...

Your timeline is correct - Open Diary was big (over 100k active users) in 1999, before LJ started to take off. I would have included Xanga in between OD and LJ, as there was a wave of (mostly teenage) that grew geometrically from OD to Xanga to LJ and then to MySpace, etc.