Friday, February 29, 2008

More cool stuff online

I totally want one of these:
It's a perfect complement to my personality. The guy who created them graduated with a degree in mathematics in 2007...which, presumably looking at his resume, means that's he's around my age. Sweet.

And I so clearly suffer from NADD--(the media version). This guy fits in so well with my group of friends:

Folks, I’m a nerd. I need rapid fire content delivery in short, clever, punch phrases. Give me Coupland, give me Calvin’n’Hobbes, give me Asimov, give me The Watchmen. I need this type of content because I’m horribly afflicted with NADD.
This guy is great:
First, it’s a lot of work to figure out your personal program of digesting the world and, sorry, you are going to miss things. This will annoy you, but it will also drive you to incessantly look for the NEXT COOL THING.

Second, you’re going to sound like a know-it-all. Try not to.

Third, and lastly, you’re not going to have much patience with those who have not chosen a NADD-like life. Ocassionally, you’ll attempt to impart your fractured wisdom only to throw your hands up four minutes later when it’s clear, “Jesus, they just don’t get it.” Chances are, they might’ve gotten it, you’re just afflicted with a disease where your attention span is that of a second grader. Oh well, embrace your handicap.
Sounds exactly like me, huh?

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