Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Has anyone noticed that the New York Times website layout has changed?

This has only happened to me a few times, but the article becomes centered, written in blue Arial, instead of the black Georgia that it's used for forever.

What's up with that?


petpluto said...

I actually haven't noticed any differences on the NYTimes website. But that doesn't mean much, because I also didn't notice when the house next to me became yellow for what was presumably months.

Speaking of, did you change your background thingy? And if so, how long ago?

Emily said...

Yes, I did notice. Then it changed back to the old type. Then it changed back again. It's important to note that My Times is still in beta, so maybe they are testing out a newer version?

MediaMaven said...

Petpluto--I changed my background recently because I felt for a while that it was too girly (all that pink) and that the thick type was hard to read, especially as it bulked up because the font was so large. I'll be tweaking things more in the future too, it's just a matter of having the patience to sit down for a while and do it.

Emily--The same thing was happening to me, and it was centered too. Although I'm logged in when I read the Times, I'm not sure if it's "My Times", since I don't set preferences and all the jazz.