Thursday, July 10, 2008

Strange article

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal ran an article on how retail workers, trained to fold clothes a certain way, have brought these obsessive folding standards home and that it's wrecking their relationships. This article, by the way, is on the front page. Not only is this strange, but the fact that the Journal, known as a staid, conservative business newspaper, covered this at all is quite funny. Imagine the woman pitching the story: "So apparently Gap workers are so into folding clothes properly that it bleeds into their home life and causes trouble for their kids and spouse. It's a comment on the rigid standards of our culture!"


petpluto said...

So, I feel the need to confess that I fix store displays if they are messy even though I've never worked in retail.

Also, this is wrecking relationships?! People are weird.

John said...

So does this mean that people are bringing their little clear plastic inserts home with them to aid in the perfect folding process? Will the world series of T-Shirt folding finally be broadcast in America? So many questions are left unanswered, I think a follow-up article is in order. Perhaps The Onion can tackle this issue with the gravity it deserves.

I freely admit that I will chastise someone for bending the spine of a comic book, though less often lately. These days I'm usually ecstatic to find someone who reads comics outside of my work or personal life.