Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quiz Time

I scored 75. It's a mix of history, economics, and political theory. It's 60 questions, so give yourself ten minutes, and you have to answer all the questions. (Nuts.)

A lot of this stuff isn't taught in high school, and depending upon what classes you take in college, it might be unfamiliar as well.


petpluto said...

I got an 86.67.

John said...

91.67% for me, and I'd argue that some of those economic questions were very strangely worded.

Also, is it true that we're spending more on social security than the military? There must be a difference between military spending and social security "pay out" to justify that one.

mikhailbakunin said...

I got a 96.67%, but I guessed on a bunch.

I totally agree with you, John. The social security question was one of the two that I got wrong. I have a hard time believing that we're spending more on Social Security than the military.

The other question I got wrong was a stupid mistake. For some reason I was thinking that when the Fed purchases Treasury bonds, it's DECREASING the supply of money.