Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is incredible.

I saw her speech and I was definitely impressed. In a certain light, she reminds me of Tina Fey. It’s a shame that I disagree with her politically on a lot of issues, and there’s all that dirty laundry coming out of the woodwork, because listening to her I just wanted to vote for her, just her.

Most people talk of how incredible it is that she made the leap to Vice Presidential nominee, but I think the bigger leap is the one from mayor to governor. As governor, she’s already high profile, but she was mayor of a tiny suburb, smaller than my town (and I live in smalltown Jersey). Granted, it’s Alaska, and Alaska is small by population standards…but a run for governor requires assets, money, clout…which you usually don’t have to that degree to run for an office that big.

More to come.


John said...

two things impressed me about Sarah Palin.

1)She was able to break with party tradition and pronounce the word "nuclear" correctly (unfortunately, they spoiled this for me by announcing that her teleprompter displayed the "big words" phonetically.)

2) She is comfortable enough in her seat of power to completely and utterly offend and discount every community organizer that has ever lived or will ever live, as well as each one's family members. Apparently it's worth more to her campaign to spin cheap shots (that don't make any sense when you analyze them.)

John said...

I thought the assertion that "Obama has never put forth anything EVER" seemed a little fishy. Thankfully, somebody went and fact-checked the entirety of Palin's speech. The side-by-side comparison of rhetoric to factual record is rather interesting:

mikhailbakunin said...

Yeah. It's a shame that most of what she's said - and what's been said about her by fellow Republicans - is false. Why are you so impressed with blatant deception and partisan vitriol?

mikhailbakunin said...

Also, "dirty laundry coming out of the woodwork"?

Talk about mixing your metaphors, Steph.

MediaMaven said...

Thanks for the fact-checking links, guys. I tend to forget about doing my proper research in those areas, always blindly following the media.

And Jer, you always keep me on my toes. I didn't even notice I did that!